3 London Must Sees

Hey y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’m going to tell y’all three things you need to see or do in London. I’m on my sixth week studying abroad here in this wonderful city, and fortunately I’ve been able to explore the city a bit during my time here.

1. Harrod’s

Dress at Harrod’s

If you like fashion at all, Harrod’s is a must see. It’s a huge department store filled with countless fashion houses across many floors; essentially, Harrod’s is a museum of current fashion. Throughout the building, you can find the same clothes that your favorite celebrities wear either on a day to day basis or on the red carpet. Harrod’s is also known for its food; the store houses restaurants as well as several food halls where you can pick up fresh pastries, meats, chocolate, and basically any grocery you could imagine.

2. Victoria and Albert Museum


The Victoria and Albert Museum (AKA the V&A) was accurately described by my humanities professor as England’s attic. I specifically went for tea and the jewelry exhibit, however there are many more interesting things to see there. The primary exhibit on display currently is about Dior, but it is all sold out.


The jewelry exhibit was stunning, there were lots of pieces from throughout the ages, worn by Queens and the Queen Bey. The V&A is kind of a maze, which makes it fun to explore. On the walk from the entrance to the jewelry collection, I walked through both a steelwork and a stained glass exhibit. I would never seek out these two collections on my own, but they were interesting to look at.


While I was there, I also had tea at their cafe with my friend Niamh. I got a cheesecake, a chocolate tarte, and a pot of tea while Niamh got a scone and a pot of tea. It was pretty affordable for tea, which was great because a lot of tea is very expensive. I believe mine cost £11 and Niamh’s cost £7.

3. The Churchill Arms

Please note, this picture is not my own. All credits go to the original photographer.

Churchill Arms is my favorite pub in London. Each time I’ve gone, the crowd has been older locals and it makes for a much different experience than other pubs I’ve been to. The inside is full of paraphernalia from the Second World War.

Please note, this picture is not my own. All credits go to the original photographer.

The Churchill Arms was also the first London pub to serve Thai food, which I’ve heard is delicious. If you’re looking for a unique pub and to share a pint with locals, the Churchill Arms is a great place to go.

I hope y’all enjoyed reading just a few fun places to check out if you’re in London. There are so many interesting places to explore in this city, so I hope this post helps you get your adventure started!


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