5 Work From Home Outfit Ideas

Hey y’all, welcome back! Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all 5 work from home outfits. Even though many states are opening back open, it looks like most of us will be working from home for the rest of the summer. I’ll be discussing my summer plans soon, but I will be doing a remote internship as well online classes. I’m sharing with y’all the outfits I’ve been wearing to class recently for some outfit inspiration.

Disclosure: Some items in this post were gifted to me, but this post is not sponsored. This post also contains affiliate links.

Cute and Comfy Athleisure

I recently picked up this chenille hoodie from Express and it’s perfect for anything work from home. This is outfit is comfy like pajamas but more elevated because of the cropped hoodie and colorful leggings. I love these leggings from 90 Degree by Reflex because they’re buttery soft and an adorable color. Sometimes when working from home, you need a comfy cozy outfit but getting out of your PJs helps so much with productivity. This outfit is a perfect mix between comfort and dressing up.

Fun and Flirty for Summer

As y’all know by now, I am a big skirt fan. Unfortunately, most of the skirts in my wardrobe are a little too short for most offices. Luckily, work rules don’t really apply when you’re working at home. This polka dot skirt is such a fun summer piece and looks adorable with this blue tank top from Target. You can easily throw on a cardigan for warmth or to cover up!

Striped Sundress

A sundress is a perfect work from home outfit because it’s comfortable, cute, and not always appropriate at the office. But pretty much anything goes during WFH so this dress is an adorable option for warm days studying and working.

Satin and Sneakers

For a more dressed up look, this satin top from Express is perfect. I’ve been wearing this top nonstop recently, from job interviews to defending my sophomore capstone. I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve been leaning towards higher necklines because I’m worried of looking like I’m not wearing a top if I wear something too low cut. This top is a perfect mix of cute and covered up! Throw on a blazer and you’re good to go for a professional look.

Camp Counselor Chic

This has been the outfit I’ve been living in recently. Running shorts and a t-shirt are a classic comfy summertime outfit and when dress codes don’t apply, there’s no reason not to wear a relaxed outfit. Similar to the first outfit I shared in this post, this look gets you out of your pajamas but it still comfortable.

Senior Year Throwbacks

This bonus outfit idea is lighthearted but I’m not entirely joking. As I’ve said throughout this post, dress code rules no longer apply, so go for an outfit that’s out of your comfort zone! I pulled out my senior prom dress and graduation robes and I actually think it would be fun for high school seniors to wear their robes to their last classes. Regardless, take this opportunity to wear outfits you may not feel comfortable or confident in yet to gain that confidence.

I hope y’all enjoyed these outfit ideas! I know I’ve been trying to get dressed every day, regardless of whether it’s leggings and a t-shirt or a sundress, because I think it helps with my productivity. I recommend y’all do the same!

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