College Application Tips: Rejection

Hello everyone, today I’m going to fast forward in the college application process to talk about rejection. This morning I opened up Snapchat to a memory from this day last year—getting rejected from the University of Texas.

This rejection was one of the hardest for me, even though I had pretty low expectations to begin with. I am not a resident of Texas, which makes the likelihood of getting in incredibly low. I also was not a straight A student in high school and my SAT wasn’t perfect. UT was definitely a reach, but I felt that my grades, scores, essays, and resume were good enough to propel me in.

University of Texas Rejection letter

This rejection, to me, meant that I wouldn’t get into any other of my reach schools. I considered my chances at UT to be much higher than other reach schools, particularly because a few of my family members have gone there and I had heard that they consider legacy in the application process.

From this I learned a few things; 1. Don’t think about legacy, at all. You never know which schools are looking for it and when. 2. There is no supreme rejection, one school’s decision will not reflect your likelihood of getting into other schools.

UT was one of the first regular decision schools I heard from, with their decision coming on the last day of January. I continued to receive decisions through April and while there definitely were more rejections, there were also acceptances—especially into my top choice.

In the moment, getting rejected by UT meant everything, but in retrospect I have no idea if I would have liked it or succeeded there. What I do know is that I wouldn’t trade my current college experience for any other and that whoever is pulling the strings is putting you where you need to be to learn and grow.

I know that a lot of Early Decision 2 and regular decision decisions will be coming out within the next few weeks, so I stress the importance of patience; patience for that first decision to come, patience for the next decision that comes after that, patience and trust that you’ll end up somewhere that makes you happy.


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