Exploring High Fashion: 5 Pieces from Pre-Fall 2019

Hi y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’m going to be talking about something a bit different: high fashion. I was walking through Harrod’s the other day, getting lost of course, and felt inspired by all of the beautiful displays the fashion houses had. It was hard to decide which season to explore and write about, but ultimately I landed on Pre-Fall 2019, the season we’re currently in. The crazy thing about high fashion is how far in advance it’s executed: shows for Pre-Fall 2019 were in November 2018, meaning the pieces were sketched, created, and shown months, or even years, before the season. These fashion houses serve as inspiration for fast fashion brands, who start developing their collections after seeing these high fashion brands’ shows; ultimately, high fashion houses set trends. I am certainly not an expert on high fashion and this post is not endorsing buying these expensive designs, but I hope you are able to see where this summer’s trends came from and you can be inspired by these pieces as much as I am.


This nude cocktail dress is a stunner, and I would wear it in a heartbeat. It combines this summer’s trends of florals and glitz on a beautifully crafted dress. This dress, or one inspired by it, would be perfect for a summer wedding.

This glitzy gown is great inspiration for prom, formal, or any other long dress occasion you may have. One detail that I love about this dress is that it has not only glitters stitched on, but pearls as well. The mix of textures give the dress more depth to the somewhat simple silhouette.

Off-the-shoulder tops and floral prints are everywhere this summer, so it’s no surprise they’re on the high-end market as well. The bold print and color on this top are stunning and I love the less conventional take on off-the-shoulder.


I am in love with this monotone look; the various shades of blue and green complement each other perfectly. The coat is really what attracts me to this outfit, it would be a perfect coat for fall or spring. It’s a very classic silhouette with a modern color scheme and pattern.

Alice + Olivia

This two piece set is one of my favorite looks I’m writing about. The color is so vibrant and fun and the silhouette balances sleek and soft. One aspect of this outfit that I love is that it combines men’s and women’s styles from the 1970’s with a boho, flowy, feminine top, and men’s disco pants. The styling for this photo is extremely wearable for every day: a monotone outfit with a statement shoe.

I hope y’all liked the five pieces I chose to share with y’all and that you feel as inspired by them as I am. I plan to start learning more about high fashion and hopefully blogging about it more because it’s so interesting to see where trends come from.


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Disclaimer: This post was originally published on Cleverly Caroline on June 16, 2019.

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