I Tried 24 Karat Gold Skincare from Masqueology

Hey y’all, welcome back! Today I’m going to be talking about skincare. I don’t talk much about it on the blog, but I’m actually a big skincare fanatic! My senior year of high school I actually had a pretty significant skincare regimen. I love trying out all different types of products, so when Masqueology sent over these gold skincare items to photograph, I was super excited!

24K Gold Under Eye Gel Masks

Gold skincare flatlay
gold eye masks

When I unboxed these on my Instagram stories, I mentioned that I was excited to try these out because my under eyes get really dry. I really think these do help with that! I had never tried an under eye mask before these, but I think they’re pretty great. One problem I have is that they do slip down a little bit, so you have to sit very still while you have them on. You can pick them up here.

24K Gold Serum

Masqueology Gold Skincare
Gold serum
24k gold serum

I cannot stop using this serum, it’s one of my new favorite skincare items! I had never used a serum before this one, but it’s so hydrating and a good, non-oily option during the warmer months. It dries down pretty quickly, so it’s a good pre-makeup option. You can pick it up here.

Watermelon Sheet Mask

Watermelon Mask for Moisturizing
Watermelon Sheet Mask

Clearly this mask isn’t gold, but they sent it along as well so I had to try it out for y’all! The funny thing about this mask is that it’s red/pink, so it looks pretty hilarious when you wear it. This watermelon mask is a paper sheet mask, unlike the other one I tried for this post. I prefer paper to gel masks. It also had a nice, light watermelon scent. Some masks with strong scents irritate my eyes, so I appreciated that this one was light and refreshing. It definitely moisturized my face too! I am thinking about picking up a multi-pack of these on Amazon. You can pick them up as well here.

Rose Gold Gel Mask

Rose gold skincare
Rose mask
Rose gold gel mask

This was my least favorite item I received and I probably would not purchase this mask. The gel was a bit too heavy, so the mask slipped around on my face. It also had a really strong rose scent which irritated my eyes. In addition, it did not hydrate my face. After I took it off, I rubbed in the remaining serum, as you should when you use a sheet mask. Instead of sinking into my skin, the serum pilled up on my fingertips. I personally would not purchase these, but if you are interested in trying them out, you can find them here.

Shop the Rest of the Collection

Masqueology - 24k Gold Cream with Shimmer | Moisturizes and Brightens Complexion - Increase Skin Elasticity (2.12 fl oz)
Masqueology - Collagen Hydro Gel Gold Mask | Skin Tightening, Firming, and Anti-Aging Skincare Face Mask (12 Pack)
Masqueology 24k Gold Eye Cream, 1.05 fl. oz.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the 24 Karat gold skincare items I got to try from Masqueology and I will likely repurchase some of them! One thing I really appreciate about Masqueology is its affordability. Making good quality skincare affordable is fantastic because people on a budget deserve the ability to self-care!

Love from Mill Valley,

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  1. August 15, 2019 / 9:57 am

    These all seem so fun!

  2. August 15, 2019 / 7:15 pm

    Awwh these look like a lot of fun! Might have to pick these up next time I’m shopping for some new skincare products.

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