How to Stay Motivated in the Summer + Free Printable

Hi y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all how I stay motivated during the summer. Personally, I see the summer as both an opportunity to relax and to work on myself. Each summer since as early as fifth grade, I have pushed myself to work harder.

From the summer before fifth grade until the summer before junior year, I went to summer camp. Each year, my cabin would go on a wilderness trip, getting progressively harder as we got older. Each summer, we would have to push ourselves to do something more difficult from the year before. This mentality has certainly carried through to my post-camp life.

The first summer that I could no longer be a camper, I got my first real job and an internship. Last summer, I had an internship and was working to create my Redbubble. This summer, I am working on growing my blog, social medias, and Redbubble.

This summer, I was also forced into motivation because I had to do summer school abroad. I got myself to study hard because I knew I wanted to get better grades than I did spring semester. One incentive for me to do so was my sorority and my college. Sisters with over a certain GPA get a special pearl to wear on their pins and I want that pearl, little as it may be. I also want to make the deans list in my college, or at least get some honors. I don’t have an exact reason for this, but it’s a goal of mine. Having these goals can make the summer a good time to work on yourself.

When it comes to my blog and store, I see the summer as a perfect opportunity to create a lot of great new content. I know not all of my readers are bloggers or content creators, but this applies to all side hustles, personal projects, etc. This abundance of free time allows you to fully invest into the things you love and hope to do.

The best way for me to motivate myself is through to-do lists. Each morning, I wake up and write down all the things I want to do, even the small stuff: make my bed, write a blog post, engage on Instagram, etc. These are a great way to keep myself organized and accountable. Even though I don’t schedule the times I do these things, it still gives me some of the structure of the school year, which I also find to be helpful. To-do lists may not be for you, but they’re worth giving a try. I have included a FREE printable at the end of this post that mimics my style of to-do list.

I hope y’all found this post helpful and you’ve walked away feeling empowered to get stuff done this summer and in summers to come.


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Disclaimer: This post was originally published on Cleverly Caroline on July 8, 2019.

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