Life Lately: September 2019

Hey y’all, welcome back. Today’s post is going to be a quick update on what’s been going on in my life recently. It’s pretty clear that I’ve been off the blog a lot over the past month or so after posting frequently over the summer.

To start, I came back to school two weeks early and worked as a staff leader for the First-Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP). The first week was staff training: we learned more about FYSOP and other Community Service Programming as well as our service areas and the organizations with which we would work. On Monday of my second week back at school, our first-years arrived to move in and complete their week of service. I had such a great time exploring Boston and different community organizations with my freshmen.

FYSOP ended on the last Friday of August, to be followed by Labor Day Weekend. The long weekend was busy: my suitemates moved in, I unpacked, and got ready for my first week of class.

Last week, I started my Sophomore year, which is crazy! Because I’ve only been on campus one semester, it doesn’t feel like I should be a sophomore. So far, my classes are going well. I am still mostly in 100-level courses so they’re not the most exciting, but next semester I will be taking more in-depth courses that I’m really looking forward to.

This past weekend I took the train to New York City to celebrate my mom and grandpa’s birthdays. If you know me, you know I’m a public transit fanatic, so I was excited to ride Amtrak for the first time. I was not disappointed. On the way there, I rode the Acela, which is an express train, and on the way back I rode the Northeast Regional. I preferred the Acela but generally it was a good experience!

In New York, I shopped the After Party Sale on Madison Avenue and went to the Met to see the exhibit on camp. I picked up some great pieces at Lilly and enjoyed the museum, however it was super crowded, which didn’t make for the best experience. After the Met, my mom and I headed to SoHo to look around with hopes of going to Glossier. The line at the store was incredibly long, so we didn’t end up going. We then walked to visit some Jewish appetizing stores (read more here!) to pick up some of my favorite desserts/snacks. We picked up pierogies for lunch and headed to a park to eat them. After our late lunch, we headed back to our hotel.

It was a quick weekend, I went down on Friday afternoon and came back Sunday morning. When I got back to Boston, I grabbed lunch at Dig Inn and shopped at Lilly Pulitzer on Newbury. I had chapter in the late afternoon and got to see some of my sisters who I haven’t seen yet since being back at school.

So far, I’ve enjoyed my time back at school but I’ve certainly been busy. Now that things are starting to calm down, I’m hoping to get back to posting twice a week again.

Love from Boston,

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