My 5 Most Used Apps For College

Hey y’all, welcome back! Today I’m going to be sharing the 5 apps that I use the most in college and how I use them to get good grades and stay organized.

Google Calendar

Okay I am a HUGE planner. I need everything planned out and written down multiple times. In addition to my paper planner, I keep everything in my Google Cal and have it synced across all of my devices. I love Google Cal because it automatically includes events from your email and my past two jobs have also used it extensively. I like having my personal, academic, and work calendars all in one place that can be easily edited and color-coded to keep everything organized. I plug in all of my lecture times at the beginning of the semester and then edit each one to have a list of the assignments or readings due for that day so I can easily access what I have to do without pulling out my planner all the time.

Google Drive

Everyone uses Google Drive, I know. But seriously, Drive keeps me sane. I keep mine meticulously organized with folders for each semester and subfolders for each class. I personally prefer the Google Suite to the Microsoft or Apple suites because of the interface and the ease of collaboration. Especially with COVID-19, it is essential to be able to do collaborative work remotely in college and Drive makes that so simple.


Before I started college, I begged my parents for an iPad for schoolwork. It has become a staple of my college life and I am so grateful to have it! I used Notability to take handwritten notes in class without carrying around bulky notebooks. Another part of Notability that I love is the ability to upload PDFs to mark up. Most of my professors upload readings as PDFs to Blackboard. Instead of having to find a printer, I can easily download these readings to Notability and mark them up. This saves me time and paper! I set my Notability to automatically upload my notes as PDFs to my Google Drive as well, so even if I don’t have my iPad with me, I can still access all of my notes.


I feel like Kindle is a vastly underrated tool for college. Part of my rationale for getting an iPad for college was to use ebooks, and that’s how I use Kindle. Almost all of my textbooks are available on the Kindle store for just a fraction of the price of hard copy books. Similar to Notability, Kindle lets you download books and mark them up without lugging around huge books. Another great feature is the ability to search the book for keywords, which comes in handy when I’m studying for exams. I have the Kindle app on my iPad and my laptop, but I definitely look to my iPad more, I’m not really a fan of the laptop interface. I’ve also been reading for leisure with the Kindle app using ebooks from the Boston Public Library.


Notion is new to my collection this semester, but I’m trying to make it work for me. Notion is essentially a blank canvas notebook for your computer! I plan to use it to replace some functions that I previously used Google Drive for, like making lists of all of my assignments for the semester. I am also going to use it to track my studying, habit track, create a workout plan, and organize the content from each lecture. Notion has pretty much unlimited possibilities and I like that, again, you can sync it across all of your devices. It also works seamlessly with the widget features in the new Apple iOS, so I am using it to make sure my habit tracking is on the front page of all of my devices as another reminding to do my habits.

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