My Experience at College Fashion Week 2019

Hey y’all, welcome back! Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all my experience at College Fashion Week 2019. This was the first event I’ve ever attended as an influencer, so that was super exciting. I brought my friend Sophia as my plus one and we had a really fun time together.

Disclosure: While I was gifted tickets to this event, all opinions are my own.

In the morning, I had been invited to a model’s brunch at Glass House in Cambridge. One really great thing about College Fashion week is that the models are also college students. A few of my friends modeled this year, in fact! Sophia, our friend Natalie, and I explored the neighborhood a bit before going to brunch and found some really cute places.

The brunch was a buffet with bagels, pastries, pizza, and sliders. It was really tasty! They also had little gift bags for us with some skincare products and a roll-on bracelet. Brunch was a little awkward because Sophia and I were the only people there that weren’t models, but luckily a few of our friends were modeling so we still had a good time.

After we finished eating, the models Ubered to The Revere, where the show was held, while Sophia and I headed back to campus to work before the show.

We were told to arrive at five because were “VIP” and we ended up getting there right at five. We still had to wait in line for ten minutes or so before getting in. Once inside, we were handed a goody bag and went to explore the brand booths.

In the first room, there were a few different booths as well as a Her Campus pop-up shop. Each of the booths had some freebies to give out. My favorite from the first room was definitely the Her Campus one, where you could make a flower box with faux flowers.

After the first room was the main room, where the show was going to be held. There was a salon area where you could get hair and makeup touched up as well as a lot of freebies for hair, makeup, and skincare.

Venmo was there with a life-sized, inflatable snowglobe that people could take pictures in and Primark was giving away some winter accessories and screen-printed tees. There was also a small food station with cupcakes and coffee.

After exploring and picking up as many freebies as possible, Sophia and I took a seat in the front row for the show. One thing I noticed right away was that there were not many seats, however, there would likely be about 800 attendees. Luckily, we were VIP and got a seat, but a majority of people stood.

The show started a bit after seven, two hours after we had arrived as VIPs, and one after general admission. There were two segments of the show right around seven, then a short break, and then a third and final segment that ran until about eight. The clothes were pretty cute and all of the models absolutely killed it.

Once the show ended, people were invited to the after-party at the hotel’s rooftop bar, but Sophia and I decided to head back to campus to grab dinner. We met up with one of her friends and then I went up to my dorm and had a relaxed night in watching Youtube.

Here are my tips if you’re attending CFW New York or CFW in the future:

  • Try to get VIP tickets, you’ll most likely get seats and first access to freebies
  • Get all the freebies first, then go do all the fun activities
  • If you aren’t VIP, wear comfy shoes because you’ll probably be standing a lot
  • Eat a snack before and make dinner plans for after as the only provide light refreshments

Overall, I had a really fun time at College Fashion Week and got a lot of new products to try. I loved seeing my friends and all the models looking confident on the runway while representing what real college students look like! I would definitely recommend checking out CFW if it’s in your city, it’s a great way to get off campus and have a fun night out.

Love from Boston,

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