My Sorority Recruitment Experience

Hey y’all, today I’m going to share my experience with sorority recruitment (aka rush) and reveal which sorority I joined!

Here at Boston University, our sorority recruitment happens over Presidents Day weekend and takes place at a hotel because we don’t have sorority housing. So rush starts on Friday afternoon, we had to arrive at three and parties began at four. We went to all ten chapters that day for fifteen minutes each. I was exhausted by the end of the day and I liked eight out of ten chapters, which was fortunate because I had to choose my top eight for day two. I thought every single girl I talked to, even at the two chapters I disliked, were nice. The two I cut were just because I didn’t click as well with them.

The dress code for the first day was casual. I wore one of my favorite sweaters from J Crew (unfortunately it no longer comes in V Neck but it does come in crew neck!), jeans, and my velvet sneakers from Old Navy. For jewelry, I wore earrings and a necklace from Rocksbox.

sorority recruitment casual outfit
Sorority Recruitment Makeup

For day two, we had to be at the hotel by 9:30, but my recruitment counselor, known at my school as a Pi Chi but known at many other schools as a Rho Gamma, called me to let me know that I wouldn’t have to arrive until 12:45. This gave me some time to eat and relax before starting another long day. I could be invited back to eight chapters max, but I was only invited back to five. Unfortunately, five of the eight that I liked dropped me, so I was invited back to three that I liked and two that I did not vibe with from the night before. I was pretty upset but I knew that most chapters made pretty big cuts the first day and I hadn’t gotten attached to any chapter in particular. I also kept an open mind to the two chapters I had cut the night before. Ultimately, only getting five chapters was really great though because it meant I had to be at the hotel for less time and my decisions would be less difficult. At the end of the night, I had to choose which five houses I wanted to keep, which wasn’t hard because I only had five on my schedule, so I didn’t cut anyone.

Dress for day two was also casual but I definitely dressed up a bit more. I wore my Skipper Popover dress from Lilly Pulitzer (similar) that I got for $60 during the After Party Sale and my velvet sneakers again. For jewelry, I wore my Tiffany necklace and a Kendra Scott bangle from Rocksbox.

Sorority Recruitment casual outfit
sorority recruitment makeup

On day three, again we had to be at the hotel at 9:30 but I got called in for four PM. This stressed me out A LOT. I knew that technically I could still get invited back to all five chapters from the day before or maybe the two chapters I didn’t vibe with didn’t invite me back. When I got to the hotel, I learned I had only got invited back to two chapters. One I knew I liked the girls but I wasn’t sure about the bigger picture, one of them being the chapter I did not get along with at all. I was incredibly upset because I felt like I had found a home in one chapter the day before but they dropped me. This was the only time I cried during recruitment. I was very close to dropping out right then because my best friend had dropped out that morning. My Pi Chi reminded me that I did like one of the chapters and that I should give the third day a chance. After all, it was sisterhood day, which is when you learn more about the chapter as a whole and what it’s like to be a member. I talked to an amazing girl at the chapter I liked who completely flipped my attitude on the day. I still didn’t love the other chapter, but I was still really grateful they wanted me back. At the end of the day, I had to choose two chapters to go back to the next day, but once more I had no choice because I only had two. I was super nervous that night that the chapter I liked would drop me, since every other chapter I liked had dropped me.

Dress for day three/Sunday was business casual, which was exciting to me because my business wardrobe is excessive from three years of JSA and working in an office. I wore a striped tank top from J Crew (similar), a vintage green sweater (similar), black dress pants, and black block heels. For jewelry, I didn’t wear a necklace because my top had embellishment around the neck and I wore faux pearl studs.

sorority recruitment business casual outfit
sorority recruitment makeup

On Monday, day four, everyone came in at noon. I was excited to learn that I got my top chapter back, as well as the other one who I wasn’t as sure about. This was preference day, which included performing a special ritual with each chapter and talking to each one for an hour. At the chapter I liked, I talked to the same girl as the day before and met some other really nice chapter women. I also talked to some really great girls at the other chapter, but I still didn’t entirely vibe with them. At the end of the night, I had to rank my chapters.

The theme for preference night was cocktail, so of course I had to wear my Lilly Pulitzer shift dress (similar) which I paired with some pink heels from Aldo. For jewelry, I wore faux pearl studs and a faux pearl necklace from Sugarfix by Baublebar (similar). It was so fun to dress up, wearing my Lilly dress makes me feel super confident. I definitely stood out a little because most people wore black or red dresses, but I was okay with that because I knew that the way I was dressing was being my most authentic self.

sorority recruitment preference round outfit

Tuesday was bid night!! This took place in our school’s auditorium at night after everyone was done with class for the day. All of the PNMs (potential new members or girls going through recruitment) got to find out which sorority they would be in. We also learned which sororities our Pi Chis are in. Each PNM got an envelope with a bid from a sorority inside and we all opened them at once and ran to the chapter we got. Afterwards, we had a celebration where we took a lot of pictures and got to know each other. I got my bid from Kappa Alpha Theta!! I love all of the girls in our chapter so much and am so grateful to be part of Theta.

Bid Night
Bid Night
Big Night

I can’t wait to be a part of this sisterhood for the next three and a half years… and beyond! I am looking forward to sharing some rush advice with y’all in the near future.


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