Pack With Me for 10 Days on the Beach

Hey y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all what I packed for going on a beach vacation with my family. I will admit, I am absolutely an overpacker so I may not be the best example for others, but at least you can get some insight into what I think about when packing.

The main rationale behind packing for vacation is pulling out pieces that I often don’t get to wear at home. For this trip, my family is heading to Southern California, where it’s warm and sunny all year round. Where I’m from, Northern California, there are few occasions, even during the summer, to pull out a bathing suit or a sundress. The climate here is much more temperate.

With that in mind, I pulled out my most summery clothes I own for our ten day trip to the beach.

For this trip I packed:

  • 11 Tops (including 4 T Shirts)
  • 7 Bathing Suits
  • 5 Pairs of Shorts
  • 4 Pairs of Shoes
  • 3 Skirts
  • 3 Hats
  • 2 Dresses
  • 2 Pairs of Pants
  • 2 Water bottles
  • 1 Backpack
  • 1 Purse (not pictured)
  • 1 Sweatshirt (not pictured)

I also packed makeup, toiletries, jewelry, socks, and underwear, but that’s not as interesting to show. I’m also bringing my iPad, planner, and a book if it arrives today. I know this is probably way more clothes than I need, but I like to have options. Luckily, this also all fit into one suitcase, so that makes me feel a bit better about the amount of things I have.

I’m looking forward to wearing all these beachy clothes and bathing suits while I’m on vacation. I also can’t wait to explore taking pictures in a different place.


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Disclaimer: This post was originally published on Cleverly Caroline on July 6, 2019.

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