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Hey y’all, welcome to my new blog! I am so excited that it’s finally here! I’ve been dedicating myself to this for the past two weeks or so, but have planning this for a few months now. Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all my planner for this August.

In a recent post, I show y’all my planner for this year: the Lilly Pulitzer Large 17-Month Agenda.

Lilly Pulitzer Planner
August Print Havana Cocktail

Above is this month’s print spread which is the print Havana Cocktail. It’s adorable and summery, perfect for this last month before school starts.

August Monthly Spread

Here’s my monthly spread this August. It’s pretty blank because I’m not in school full time right now. I put all my major deadlines for my summer class and upcoming collaborations. I’m sure this will fill up more throughout the month with adding more collabs.

August Monthly Spread

Here you can see half of the month up close. I have a few bigger deadlines for my online class as well as the volunteer trip I’m leading at the end of the month. I also have some bigger collaboration deadlines.

On this half of the month, I have more collaboration deadlines. Those content deadlines are denoted with stickers. I have been mostly marking these with circular stickers, but I try to use something related to the content if I have one, like I did with Zenni. Zenni is a sunglasses and glasses company, so I used a sunglasses sticker. If you follow my Instagram, you may notice that I’ve already completed some of these deadlines. I also have a list of my collaborations for this month.

August weekly spread

Here’s one of my weekly spreads for the month. Like my monthly spread, it is pretty empty because I’m only taking one class right now. This is where I have smaller deadlines like readings and trainings. The weekly spread is formatted as a to-do list, which is perfect for me because I prefer to organize my days in to-do lists.

August weekly spread
August weekly spread

I also intend to write out some of my monthly goals on the monthly spread as well as blog post ideas. I love that this planner allows me to organize my thoughts in the way that I like—lists—and that it includes adorable Lilly Pulitzer prints.

Love from Mill Valley,

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