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Hey y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all how I’m going to be planning my classes, blog, and extracurriculars for my sophomore year of college!

For this coming year, I purchased a Lilly Pulitzer planner. I have never had a Lilly planner before, but my roommate had one last year and I thought it looked great. I got mine in the large size so it wouldn’t get lost in my bag. My senior year planner (which I’ll touch more on later) would always get stuck at the bottom of my bag because it was so small.

The last time I had a planner was senior year of high school, which was super helpful for college applications and keeping track of all of my deadlines. This past year, I did not have a planner, and that definitely made my life more complicated because I had to constantly check my syllabi instead of having one book with all of my due dates in it.

I’ll compare my senior year planner to my new planner and explain my preferences. I’ll also explain how I intend to use my planner!

From the outside, both of these planners are pretty, each has a nice cover design. While external appearance may not be important to you, it’s important to me when picking a planner. As you can see, my old planner is a bit smaller than the new one. What you can’t tell, is that the older planner is also much thinner than my new one. The Lilly planner has a lot of different sections and extras that my old planner didn’t have. It’s also 17 months as opposed to a year.

These planners could not have more different monthly spreads. As you can see in my old planner on the left, I never used the monthly spread. While I love making my planner a to-do list, I also enjoy putting my major dates on a calendar, which the old planner didn’t really provide. My new planner, on the right, allows me to plan out my month visually. Another problem with my old planners monthly spreads was that they were in the back of the planner, tucked out of the way. My new planner has monthly spreads where you’d expect, at the beginning of the weekly spreads for each month.

When it comes to planning out each week and day, I like listing. Both planners allow me to do this, which I appreciate. One thing that I liked about my senior year planner was that the weekend days were the same size as the weekdays. I was often busy on the weekends between JSA and applying to college. Nowadays, my weekends are less structured, so I don’t mind having a smaller section for those days.

There were two specific details with regards to my old planner that I wanted to mention. One is the tear off corners. This was helpful to find my place in the planner, but also created a lot of waste. My new planner has tabs for each month to help you find your place without waste. One thing I really liked was that each day was about the size of a Post-It note, allowing me add a sticky if I needed more space or wanted to create a weekly to-do list, like to one in the far right photo.

In comparison, here are two details in my new planner that I also really love. One is all the art; each month has a different Lilly print on the first page and there are lots of little designs throughout. I also like that the daily lists are long, I can’t imagine ever filling a whole one up. However, they are big enough for a sticky note if I needed it.

The notes sections of each of these planners has served different purposes effectively. In my old planner, I could list on the dot grid provided, or add four sticky notes to color code. I used stickies to color code the different stages of applying to college (yes I applied to 18 it was crazy I know.) My new planner provides normal lines and is the perfect size to write down my syllabi like the one above.

A final note of appreciation to my new planner: I love that it comes with stickers. I knew I wanted to use stickers a lot in my planner this year, so I greatly appreciate the included stickers. It also has a pocket where I included even more stickers.

I hope y’all found this planner comparison helpful and that inspires you to get planning for this coming school year! If you want to pick up my planner, you can find it here.


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