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Hey y’all, welcome back! Today I’m going to be sharing with you a recap of my fall semester. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a sophomore at Boston University studying political science. This fall was really good for me overall and I’m excited to share it with y’all.

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This semester was my second on campus and my first as a sophomore. If you didn’t know I’m in the College of General Studies, which means I started my freshman year in January of this year and finished it in July by going abroad to London. This semester I was back on track to finish on time and started the fall as a sophomore.

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Classes: This semester I took four classes. I started the semester with Pilates as my fifth class however I ultimately decided to drop it because I needed that time to focus on school. My classes were Intro to Comparative Politics, Western Ethics, Biology, and Intro to Communication. My favorite class was definitely Comparative Politics and I definitely found a new interest in international relations/politics as a whole. My hardest and least favorite class was definitely Biology, which is required for General Studies students. I found it very confusing and I didn’t understand a lot of the material. My easiest class was probably Western Ethics because the texts we read were common political science texts, so I’d read almost all of them before. This semester I also decided to not go through with my dual degree in advertising. Near the end of last semester I decided to go for a dual degree but this semester I realized I wasn’t very passionate about it and it would be difficult to achieve in four years. I am still very excited about my political science major, however, and I have started applying to government internships for next summer.

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Housing: I definitely lucked out on housing this semester! I’m living in a suite-style dorm in East campus right in Kenmore Square. My room is pretty big and pretty quiet. Last year I lived in a high-rise freshman dorm in West campus/Allston, which was loud all the time and pretty small. My dorm is also much more convenient to my classes and getting around the city. I’m just steps away from Kenmore station, so I can easily get into Boston to shop or to Coolidge Corner to grocery shop or get lunch. I’m also about a ten minute walk away from Marshall’s, Target, Chipotle, and Sweetgreen, you know, the necessities. I also love my roommate! This is the second year I’ve had a random roommate and both times I’ve lucked out. We have a few friends on our floor so it’s nice to have familiar faces around. I’ve started looking into housing for next year and may be signing a lease for my first apartment in the next few months, which is super exciting!

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Theta/Greek Life: This semester I got a bit more involved in Theta by serving on cabinet as the Archivist. My term was short but I appreciated the opportunity to be involved. I will not be on cabinet next semester because I am taking a pretty intense course load and school is my top priority. I also strengthened my relationships with some of my sisters this semester and I am really grateful for their friendships. This semester, we had our philanthropy event, date party, and formal. Our philanthropy event was Theta Hoops, which was a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. I had so much fun being on one of the Theta teams. I haven’t really talked about this on the blog before, but I played 19 seasons of basketball growing up from second grade to junior year. I remembered during Theta Hoops how much I love basketball and how much fun playing a team sport is. Our date party was Halloween themed and I brought my friend Mikayla. We dressed up as a VSCO girl and an E-girl. It was a lot of fun and I loved our costumes. For formal, I brought my roommate and it was also very fun. I love dressing up and wearing heels, so obviously formal is one of my favorite events of the semester. I can’t believe next semester we will be getting a new member class and I will most likely be taking a little!

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Community Service: I don’t talk much about community service on here, but it’s been a big part of my life this semester so I wanted to share it with y’all. I went back to school two weeks early this year to lead FYSOP (First-Year Student Outreach Project), a week community service for freshman and transfers the week before classes start. This was my first FYSOP because I did not start college in the fall, but I’m really glad I was a staff leader. I made a lot of friends through my staff leader group and I love seeing my first-years thriving. After FYSOP, I was chosen to be a coordinator for ASB (Alternative Service Breaks). ASB is a weeklong community service trip over spring break. Trips through ASB serve 20 cities in the US and Puerto Rico. I did ASB last semester as a volunteer and I absolutely loved it, so I knew I wanted to get more involved this year. I am leading a trip to Harpers Ferry National Historic Park in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and I am SO excited.

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Blogging: I feel like my online presence is really thriving this fall. I haven’t grown much, but I don’t really mind. I have been posting less on the blog and Instagram since I’ve been back at school, but I’m definitely more happy with the content I am creating and the sponsorships I’ve been doing. I got the opportunity to work with Dough, a Boston based company that helps fund women-owned businesses. I also got to attend College Fashion Week, my first influencer event. I also started my YouTube channel a few weeks ago and I’ve been loving vlogging, I think it’s so fun!

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Other fun things: I got to go to New York City in September to celebrate my mom’s birthday! My mom is one of my closest friends so I really enjoyed spending time with her in the city where she went to college. She took me to some delicious restaurants and showed me some of her old stomping grounds. I also got to take the Amtrak for the first time, which I loved as a public/mass transit nerd. In October, I was able to go to two concerts: Mason Ramsey and Chase Rice. Both were amazing and so much fun!

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Music I’m Loving: I’ve basically only been listening to country. You can listen to my country playlist here.

Overall, I had a really great semester. I had a lot more fun than last semester and abroad, and it’s true, it gets better after first semester freshman year. That being said, I’m well aware that my blog and other social media are a highlight reel. Y’all don’t see my hours in sweats studying in my dorm’s study lounge, being splashed by a car while crossing the road, and all the other less glamorous moments. This semester was certainly challenging given my classes, blogging, and being active on campus but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m pretty sad to be leaving Boston even though it’s just for a month and I’m looking forward to next semester.

Love from Boston,

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