Semester Recap | Fall 2020

Hey y’all, welcome back! It’s been a long time since my last post because I’ve been incredibly busy with school and work, the blog just completely got away from me. Today I’m going to be recapping my fall semester. This semester was definitely different from others. Not only was I all online, but I also had a job, moved into a new apartment, and more. Unfortunately, I also lost most of my pictures from this semester so there won’t be as many great pictures in this post as usual.

This semester was my first semester of junior year and my first fully enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences. I declared three minors, Urban Studies, Public Policy Analysis, and Sociology.

Classes: This semester I took five classes! It was my first time overloading and it honestly was not as hard as I expected. I took an advanced French class, which was probably my hardest class. As for political science classes, I took a seminar on American exceptionalism, a class on US Presidents, and a campaign practicum. In addition to these four classes, I took a class on creating a civics curriculum for schools. My favorite class was definitely the campaign practicum. Everyone in the class worked on a campaign and we discussed our experiences during our weekly class meetings. While I enjoyed most of my classes this semester, I definitely felt fatigued by the end of the semester. I miss the culture of on-campus classes and my normal day to day life at BU. That being said, online classes did allow me to have more time for work outside of school and volunteering.

Housing: This semester I moved into my first apartment. The whole experience was pretty crazy, the last tenants left our place in horrible condition so the management company had to fix a lot of things before we could officially move in. I have my own room and I generally enjoy the apartment even though it’s definitely not the fanciest. I like cooking my own meals, but I do find that it takes up quite a bit of my time. Our apartment is very close to campus, which is nice, however, I never go to campus so it doesn’t matter too much. It’s also close to Trader Joe’s, Target, and lots of good food so I have nothing to complain about in terms of location.

Theta/Greek Life: Unfortunately we weren’t able to do much as a chapter this semester. We had chapter on zoom every two weeks and had some online sisterhood events. I was also elected to be the service director for 2021, which I am very excited about! Despite the pandemic I have been doing a lot of community service this year, so I am excited to help others in my chapter get involved!

Community Service: This semester I started volunteering at a public school here in Boston and at a local food pantry. I help out in a third-grade classroom on Zoom, which is so fun and adorable. At the food pantry, I help pack bags of food. I’m just glad that I’ve been able to continue to serve in different capacities during such a challenging time.

Snowboarding: Like Theta, snowboarding was very lowkey this semester. We had some indoor, socially-distanced, masks on practices at FitRec but it was hard to get the team engaged. I am the treasurer this year so I have been trying to help get people involved but BU is not allowing us to have new teammates so it’s hard.

Work: I have had the joy of working on two different campaigns this semester! I started off with Ed Markey’s senate campaign, which I started working for at the end of the spring semester. We won reelection despite a difficult primary challenge, and overall my first campaign was a great experience. After the general election, I started working for Michelle Wu’s 2021 Boston Mayoral campaign. It has definitely been interesting to see these two different campaigns and my jobs have varied immensely between the two.

Other fun things: I can’t say much of this semester was fun, mostly because I spent most of it in my apartment. One exciting thing was that I was able to vote in the election at Fenway Park, which was very memorable. It also snowed the day before Halloween, which was a nice surprise.

Even though this semester wasn’t as I expected, I managed to still make some good memories and I did well in my classes. I am hoping that by senior year, we’ll return to some sense of normalcy.

Love from Mill Valley,

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