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Hi y’all, as you may have noticed I did not post on the blog last week and I’m so sorry about that! College is crazy and I’m working really hard to get all of my work done in my classes and make new friends and keep up with Instagram and blogging. Starting in the Spring has definitely made it harder to make friends but I am definitely finding my people and having a quick break from blogging definitely helped me form some deeper connections. I am interested in making more college-related content so if you have any ideas feel free to comment them below or reach out to me through my Instagram. For the rest of this post I will be talking about my second Rocksbox. As you may know from my previous post with Rocksbox, I do use affiliate links when working with them. That means that I make a small commission every time you sign up but you don’t pay any more, in fact signing up through my link or with my code (carolineoleskyxoxo) will get you your first month free. Using my affiliate links helps me make a little money from blogging to support the content I feature here and on my Instagram.

I explained how Rocksbox works in my first post with them. For this box, I curated my jewelry so it would go with my outfits for sorority recruitment which is this coming weekend. I chose some dressier pieces because I feel like my personal collection doesn’t have a lot of fancy looking items.

Kendra Scott Bangle

The first item I received was this Kendra Scott bangle. The stones are a milky, iridescent white and the bracelet goes perfectly with any outfit. I love how it looks paired with my pearl bracelet from Stella & Dot. I love that this bracelet is super lightweight and classic looking.

Rudiment Opal Necklace

The second piece I got was an opal necklace from Rudiment. It’s very delicate and is a great way to have a little change from my Tiffany heart necklace without changing color schemes. Another awesome thing about this necklace is that it can be worn at a few different lengths which is great for layering.

Kendra Scott Earrings

The last thing I got in my box were these coral Kendra Scott earrings. I picked these out especially for rush because I usually don’t wear dangly earrings but I think they’d look super cute on preference night. Again, these are super lightweight which I love, I hate being bogged down by heavy jewelry.

That’s it for my second Rocksbox! If you’d like to sign up using my link you can click anywhere that it says Rocksbox in this post. I am planning on writing a post in the next few weeks about sorority recruitment if you feel confused by some of the language I used in this post. Once more I am so sorry about the unexpected absence but I am happy to be back and blogging again.


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Disclaimer: This post was originally published on Cleverly Caroline on February 12, 2019.

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