Teen Choice Awards 2019: My Favorite Looks

Hey y’all, welcome back. Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all my favorite looks from the Teen Choice Awards Blue Carpet. Looking through images of last night’s event, I can honestly say I didn’t recognize most of the nominees. And I’m still a teen! I’m not too interested in the TCAs as a whole, but I love red carpet style and I always think this event brings out some interesting looks.

Nikki and Brie Bella

To be honest, I have no clue who these people are but I LOVE what they’re wearing. The colors of their outfits are so flattering, especially the iridescent purple. I also appreciate that they kept their jewelry, accessories, and makeup pretty simple to let the clothing speak for itself. Bonus points because both of these outfits look pretty comfortable and are a style that a lot of people could look great in.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan Teen Choice Awards

This was certainly one of my favorite looks from the entire event! I love how the silhouette shamelessly shows off this soccer player’s muscles and strength! The color of this dress is perfect for a daytime function, especially in the summer. The cut is also adorable and would suit a variety of body types.

Gregg Sulkin

Gregg Sulkin Teen Choice Awards

I typically don’t cover men’s fashion on the blog, but I love this suit! I like how it combines structure, sleekness, and practicality. The structure of the pleats combined with the cargo pockets makes for an interesting look. I also really enjoy the belt detail and would love to see how this type of silhouette would translate to womenswear.

Chloe and Halle Bailey

Bailey Sisters TCAs

Another stunning pair of sisters! I’m loving the matching fabrics and the play of texture here. Complementing the chainlink print with o-rings is super clever and brings a lot of dimension to two simple outfits. I appreciate how approachable these outfits are as well. Halle’s outfit (right) would be a great going out outfit and I’m sure could be replicated pretty inexpensively.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Teen Choice Awards

In all honesty, Taylor’s outfit was the main reason I wanted to write this blog post. I am not the biggest fan of Versace, but I think this look is fantastic. I think Versace can really swallow a person, but the short hemline and color-blocking on this outfit define Taylor’s figure. I will say, I really do not like the shoes, but the color goes well with her outfit.

Overall, I thought there were a lot of great pieces at this year’s Teen Choice Awards. While this event isn’t the most glamorous or high fashion, it’s full of fun fashion. I appreciated that a lot of the looks on the Blue Carpet were wearable for all types of people, not just celebrities.

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