Week In My Life: First Week of College

Hello everyone, today I’m going to be sharing with you a recap of my first week of college at Boston University.

I flew out to Boston on January 17th and moved into my dorm the next day. I am living in a triple, which scared me at first, I was afraid I would have no personal space, but it’s actually pretty roomy and I love my roommates. Moving in was pretty quick for me because I didn’t bring a lot of things from home, just clothes, so all I had to do was put things in drawers and on hangers.

Citgo Sign in Boston

My mom left the next morning (Saturday), which came as a surprise because she was supposed to leave Sunday morning. However, there was a big snow storm coming and they were cancelling flights through Monday. Luckily she got home safe, but it definitely changed my plans a lot. After she left, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target to get organization and decor for my room. That night it started snowing!

On Sunday, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts. I had never been before it it was so amazing. My favorite exhibits were the Boston Crafts or Ansel Adams. I spent about 4 hours there and didn’t see nearly all the art.

Georgia O'Keefe at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

The next day I had a mandatory meeting for my program and an advisor meeting. After that I went back to Target, where there was a giant leak in the ceiling. While I was there, the fire department had to come and they blocked off most of the store. It was also one of the coldest days I’ve ever experienced: 4 degrees all day with windchill down to -18 degrees.

On Tuesday I started classes, but I got off to a slow start because I only have one class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After class, I went to the Seaport District to go to the LL Bean store to buy a winter coat. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

My Wednesday was also pretty relaxed because one of my professors cancelled class so I only had two classes. In the evening I went to a men’s basketball game against American University. It was pretty close, but we ended up losing. A few friends and I were the only students there because basketball isn’t super popular here at BU. Lucky for us though, we won all the contests so we got free t shirts and pizza. We had a ton of fun being loud and obnoxious and cheering on our team.

On Thursday, I only had one class again, but I had already gotten a lot of reading so I ended up doing 11 hours of reading. Not a very interesting day, to say the least.

I ended the week on a high note: a hard day of classes followed by a concert. I have 5 classes on Fridays with not a lot of break in between. After I got out of classes around 3:30, I met up with my friend Colter and we went to see Scotty McCreery. I haven’t been to a concert since sophomore or junior year of high school so I was really grateful to be able to go. We had so much fun and he was so good live.

Scotty McCreery at House of Blues Boston

Overall, my first week was really fun but also really difficult. I went to a pretty challenging high school and all of my teachers told me that college would be equally or less difficult. They were totally wrong, it seems like. I have never had as much or as difficult reading. That being said, I am pretty interested in all my classes and I like all of my professors so I feel committed and excited about doing the work. I can’t wait for the rest of the semester and to share it with y’all.


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