Weekly Wrap Up #9 2019

Hey y’all, welcome back! This week was jam-packed AND I got sick, so pretty exciting stuff if you ask me.

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September 22, 2019: Sunday was pretty relaxed, as usual. I studied out on the beach and then went to chapter.

Cambridge city skyline

September 23, 2019: On Mondays, I only have two classes, which is pretty nice. In the evening, my sorority had a Chipotle fundraiser for Boston CASA. I tried the new Carne Asada and it was pretty disappointing in my opinion. I’ll probably just stick to chicken! After dinner, I went with my friend Caitlin to Star Market to pick up some bagels and ice cream for my room.

Chipotle fundraiser

September 24, 2019: Tuesday was a super busy day because I have so many classes. It was also the preliminary elections for Boston City Council, so while I don’t vote here, it was exciting to watch.

Boston elections

September 25, 2019: Wednesdays are usually my most relaxed day of the week, but I had a lab that took a few hours right in the middle of the day. My group went to Boston Commons and the Back Bay Fens to count tree density. I had dinner with my friend Rachael. The dining hall was serving poke bowls so we had to go try them!

Boston Common
Back Bay Fens

September 26, 2019: Unfortunately, I woke up on Thursday and was incredibly sick. I decided to stay home from class and just get better. I watched a lot of Youtube and ordered in dumplings from one of my favorite places in Boston.

September 27, 2019: On Friday, I have 3 classes but it’s pretty lowkey overall. In between classes, I grabbed coffee with my freshman roommate, Abbie. I had an iced apple cider which was delicious and definitely got me in a Fall mood. After class, I went to Target. I took a longer, more scenic route to get there which I enjoyed.

City Skyline
Going Out outfit

September 28, 2019: Saturday was College Fashion Week, which I’ll be talking about in a post this week. I spent a bunch of time with my friends and overall had a great day. Can’t wait to share with y’all in a few days.

Boston Skyline
Lilly Pulitzer romper
Tan Dress

Love from Boston,

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